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    Sputnik DLT is a full-cycle blockchain integrator.
    We have extensive experience in the implementation of blockchain in business processes. Our solution is based on Waves and Waves Enterprise — leading blockchain platforms on the market.
    We bring blockchain-based platforms into corporate and public sectors
    We suggest applicable use-cases and develop implementation strategies. Our experts provide methodological, legal and technological support during all stages of the project.
    We research and advise
    We organise educational events for managers (Blockchain Greenhouse), study industrial experience and analyze top-level concepts.
    We tokenize assets
    We carry out STO campaigns and issue tokenised securities, complying with the regulations.
    We evaluate cases
    We will evaluate your idea of blockchain implementation and help you understand whether you need blockchain in the first place for free.
    Problem statement
    Issuing and tracking paper promissory notes is time consuming.
    Counterparties can not easily sell paper documents on secondary market.
    Digital promissory note
    1. Reducing administration costs for the issuer;
    2. Providing liquidity for the financial instrument;
    3. Keeping the trust level of the issued instrument.
    What has been done?
    An MVP of blockchain-based electronic promissory note system has been developed and tested. It allows to automatically issue, return and divide promissory notes. The business logic of the instrument stayed the same.
    Problem statement
    The company uses covered letters of credit to finalize settlements. Manual processing of paper letters of credit takes 10 days and may result in mistakes.
    Digital letter of credit
    Reducing time and labor costs required for letters of credit accounting.
    What has been done?
    A model for settling digital letters of credit has been introduced. Covering of letters is done based on public blockchain records. The process is fast and the information is safe.

    Problem statement
    Major bank was looking for an alternative method of settling payments with suppliers.
    Tokenization of settlements
    1. Аutomating the settlement process;
    2. Creating a simple tool for liquidity management.
    What has been done?
    The concept of payments using tokenised currency has been developed.
    Problem statement
    Tracking states and equipment life cycles of trains is done by multiple entities. Information is stored in multiple databases.
    Engine Passport
    Creating a single trusted source of information.
    What has been done?
    The concept of digital passport or ID of the locomotive has been developed.
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    Sputnik DLT was founded by six industry specialists, including former employees of Deloitte CIS Blockchain Lab.
    Contact us at or send message to Telegram @hellosdlt.