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Bringing blockchain to business and public institutions
Sputnik DLT finds use cases and develops implementation plans, providing methodological, legal and technological support throughout the project.
Educating management, doing research and giving free Block Advice
Organising Block Greenhouse (educational events for management), providing Block Advice (free feedback on your ideas), researching industry cases and creating high-level business models.
Partnering with Vostok, an enterprise platform by Waves
Vostok is a platform based on Waves-NG, a technology which combines exceptional speed and complete confidentiality. Every solution is tailored to the specific customer.
Research and cases
Tokenization of settlements
We have developed a concept for tokenizing the settlement process of the largest Russian bank.

The concept includes creation of a single platform with internal currency for settlements between the parties, interbank settlement system, assets for venture investments or establishment of crypto funds, and loyalty and employee motivation programs.
Digital letter of credit
Together with one of the largest players in the Russian air transportation market we launched a blockchain platform for the automation of trade operations.

The technology allowed to speed up and simplify the calculations between the airlines and their largest agent when selling air tickets. Implementing blockchain allowed to optimize business processes for both the airline and its partners.
Electronic promissory note
To create an online marketplace and optimize settlement process for one of the largest metal producers in the world, we developed a concept solution based on blockchain.

Its implementation will allow the company and its counterparties to gain additional liquidity and also significantly simplify the settlement process.
Engine passport
Together with a number of companies in the railway sector we have developed a concept of an electronic engine passport based on blockchain.

The automated system will create a single source of information storage about the life cycle of the engine for all participants of the industry. The information will serve as a reliable source of data for generating reports and forecasting information on the reliability and financial validity of vehicle use.

Sputnik DLT is founded by Artem Tolkachev and six industry specialists, including former employees of Deloitte CIS Blockchain Lab.

Sputnik DLT team worked on a number of projects: implementation of blockchain in large corporations, tokenization of physical assets, support of ICO campaigns, and development of legislation for crypto- and blockchain industry.

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